I’m getting a black and white striped shirt and a whistle

From our bedroom,  screams of “Stop!” “Don’t”

Mr. G “Do you ever feel like all you do is referee?”

Me “HA! All the time!”

Mr. G “That’s it—we’re referees”

Me “Will you get me a black and white striped shirt?”

Mr. G “Sure”

Me “And a whistle! I need a whistle.”

Mr. G  “OK, you got it”

I share this conversation with you because I feel certain that all of you who are parents have felt or do feel the same way.  And the thing is, my boys really like each other, and generally get along pretty well.  But, when they aren’t—-ugh!  So you have to be able to joke about it, ’cause if you don’t, the crazy people win.

Another thought:  Do you know what a grackle is?  If you don’t, you are VERY lucky!
This is a grackle:
Go to fullsize image

They are truly, nasty, repulsive birds.  They travel in HUGE—we are talking 100’s and 1000’s here—flocks; they have no fear of humans, they make a hideous shrieking sound, and they poo EVERYWHERE—which REEKS by the way.  Our hometown has a grackle problem.  Businesses in town have done everything from cutting down trees, installing speakers to play hawk and owl sounds, placing fake owls on the roofs, etc.  NOTHING works—well, except when a bank hired a guy with hawks to actually kill a few of the hideous things and scare off the rest of the flock.    Anyway, I’m telling you all this, because there was a big article in the local paper about the local grackle invasion, and the writer suggested that the word “grackle” sounds like a curse word.  He recommended trying it in place of other more colorful words the next time you stub your toe.  I thought this was great!  So from know on, when you hear me say, or read me write, “Grackle!” you know what I’m REALLY thinking. 🙂

And finally, while supper cooked tonight, I took on these challenges: 

Plastic Cup drawer—BEFORE

Cup drawer—-AFTER

Storage container drawer—-BEFORE

Container drawer—AFTER

Junk drawer—-BEFORE

Junk drawer—-AFTER

 I’m trying to get things, that are super easy to put off and ignore, organized and cleaned up.  And, I’m also following along with the idea that alot can be accomplished in 5 minutes.  Admittedly, this took a bit longer than 5 minutes, but not more than 15, and I got it done while I was in the kitchen anyway.  WooHoo! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m getting a black and white striped shirt and a whistle

  1. Oh goodness, YES, I feel like I constantly referee around here! I think I shall go buy myself a whistle too. You don't have to tell me about grackles. I hate those things. The shopping center/grocery store around the corner from our house is their favorite site. They are everywhere, thousands of them. You drive through the parking lot of the McDonald's next door and they are literally sitting on cars, covering the road, sitting huddled together on the traffic lights. It's crazy and disgusting and you're right…nothing gets rid of them. Good luck with your organizational tasks!

  2. I so get the refereeing bit…been there, done that. Now that my boys are older (and one is away in college) they LOVE each other…and I'm not sure what is worse. LOL. It's fun to watch their relationships develop. =0)

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