Really? Am I like that?

Does someone ever say something to you, about you, and you think–“Really? Hmm, I don’t think of myself that way”  For me, this happens primarily when someone says something nice to me/about me.  Now if someone says somethign negative about me, I may think “Really?”, but somehow the negative is easier to believe.  Why is that? 
A few weeks ago, 2 different people, at 2 different times and places, gave me two really nice compliments. 
First, a friend of mine told me that he thought I might be the kindest most caring person he had ever met.  (Which of course led me to think—well, I guess you haven’t met very many people)  Then a few days later, someone else told me that they considered me to be thoughtful, positive, and upbeat.  While it is very kind for them to say these things, and while I would like to believe I am indeed representative of these lovely adjectives, for some reason it is difficult for me to identify myself or describe myself this way.  Why is it that we are quick to point out our faults to ourselves and others but so slow to recognize that which is good in us that others see and appreciate?  Is this unique to women or is this a human trait? 
So, I am working on growing into these sweet compliments and being able to describe myself in such lovely ways. 


2 thoughts on “Really? Am I like that?

  1. Great post. It's so easy to dismantle a compliment — and I, too, have had to learn to be gracious and thankful when one takes time to compliment.Thanks for an encouraging post!

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