Random Ramblings

I have no point for this post, no goal, no main topic.  Nothing really specific except some random things that have been rolling around in my head.

Does it bother anyone, besides me, when you hear/see/read, ads that are way out of date?  For example, there is a radio station here in town that constantly plays ads that are a month or more out of date—like ads for Home Depot’s great prices on christmas lights—ummm, I think we can take that one off the air.  Or billboards for super fun event—that happened in October.  For some reason–this bugs me

Do you watch Pawn Stars?  Mr. G loves pawn stars.  Everytime he watches it though I have to wonder why these people are bringing these things into a pawn shop.  Someone will come in with a rock from Mars, or Abe Lincoln’s grocery list or something and want to pawn it.  Umm, hello?  Have you heard of Ebay? Or take it to an auction house.  Then they get some expert to come in and appraise it, who then tells them that they would get 10,000$ at action but they sell it to the pawn shop for $200?  HuH?  Mr. G. says it is because they are in Vegas and they just want the money to go and gamble.  I still think they are crazy.

I’m going to state a potentially controversial opinion now—-I don’t like Oprah and I don’t want to watch anything on her new OWN channel.  I know tons of people watch her and think she is fabulous but I don’t watch her, and I don’t like her and I think she is snooty. 

I am very happy that Dr. Christina Yang is back operating on Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has just been a beating while she has been depressed. 

I think that’s all I got rambling around in my head—blessings to all!


3 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. LOVE your ramblings! DH watches PawnStars and I always think the same thing you do…why are these people shocked at the price offered? It's a PAWN store!Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who is not having a love affair with Oprah. For the little TV I do watch, that wouldn't be the station I'm tuning into to waste some time.Happy Saturday! :o)

  2. I live in Vegas. One of my friends went down to the Pawn Stars pawn shop. Its not like the show! You know how they Come up with their offers? E-bay! They go on e-bay to see what the items are worth and then make their offer. Crazy huh?

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