Moody, moody, moody

If it were Monday it would sound better because it would be Moody Monday—but since it is not it is just moody Thursday.    Sometimes people are just annoying and make me want to shake them.  And then it makes me grumpy and I gotta shake it off. I went to pottery and squished some clay and I felt better, but then I drove home and started stewing all over again.  Now I’ve told my husband and my mother and it is time to shake it off and let it go—-but sometimes it is just hard to do that. 

OK, on to more positive things. 
After the Christmas decorations come down, do you just want to do big organizing and resetting of your house?  For example, right now, my kitchen cabinets and countertops are feeling cluttered and are bugging me!  Tonight, while supper was cooking, I was compelled to clean out and reorganize the spice cabinet.  I know it is probably some weird OCD thing.  Does anyone else do this besides me?

The other day I was taking the kids to school.  As I was dropping C off, I noticed his principal step off the curb into the gap between cars to stop traffic so that C could cross the street safely.  That really stuck with me.  Here was this man, who I don’t know personally, and who probably doesn’t know my child by name, but he stepped into the gap to protect my child.  We all need that, someone to step into the gap and help us across.  Who steps into the gap for you?  Who do you step into the gap for?  I hope that my children and my students will one day look back and remember me and feel that I helped them on their crossing.  Just a thought I was having.  🙂



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