Be aggressive, be be agressive

They put these colored pieces of velcro on each kid and they guard the kid on the other team that has the same color velcro they do

Gonna fiddle with that velcro the WHOLE game

 E had to guard the blond girl—who was a very good player by the way

Check out that dribbling action!

Oops! I jinxed him by talking about it!

Huddle up! Team stategy time.

 OK Coach! I got it!

Coach Travis “Guard him Evan! Don’t let him get the ball in the hoop.”

If you have not ever watched a group of kindergartners play basketball, you really need to find a game to go and watch.  It was so entertaining! We really did have a lot of fun, and he did too, which was what was important to me.  A fun way to start our weekend. 🙂


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