having all three of the guys home on a Monday throws me out of whack.  now the rest of the week my days are going to be off since this feels like Sunday with all of us home.  the three of them went to the grocery store with me today.  ummm, yeah not such a fun and relaxing trip.  the two hooligans are both asking to get a variety of things that are not on my list nor do i want to buy.  and mr. g is completely out of his element because he rarely goes to the store.  i really couldn’t wait to get out of there.

speaking of—do you ever feel like you are always having to share your personal space with someone else?  sometimes, i just feel like there is always someone next to me, on me, behind me, beside me, and talking to me.  maybe i am unique in this but i need my own space and time–i like to be able to hear my own thoughts without voices, tv’s , and/or video games in the background.  and i start to feel very anxious when someone is always within my bubble of personal space.  but when you love someone and they love you, it is hard to say “back off!” without hurting their feelings.  ๐Ÿ™‚  so i think i’m just goign to start hiding from them—lol.

yesterday, Mr. g went to lunch at his aunt’s house and took c with him.  i kept e with me here at the house.  the boys were definitely in need of some “apart” time.  the bickering was reaching critical levels.  e and i worked on weeding through his books, cleaning up his bookshelves, his closet, and the ever growing collection of Lego’s.  holy cow!  i think those suckers reproduce!  end result was that his room looks really good.  we even went to target and while there got him a 3×4 throw rug to put next to his shelf for when he is lego building.  the carpet in our bedrooms is great but it is not comfy to sit on for any length of time.

so, i have been working on reorganizing and weeding out stuff in our house.  yesterday, as I said, we got Evan’s room done.  we also cleaned out the cabinet which houses our board games and the kids’ art supplies.  that was a MESS!  it is one of those cabinets that opens from both sides.  if you put something in one side, stuff fell out of the other.  we ended up pulling out 12 games to sell and tossing lots of broken bits and pieces.  i have triumphed over our refrigerator, our counter tops, and the majority of the cabinets and drawers in our kitchen.  yet to come–i still need to work on the hot mess that is our laundry room. 

i tried to convince Mr. g today that if he cleaned out the garage it would be a fabulous way to spend his day off and that he would have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  for some odd reason, he did not find my argument to be compelling and so my garage is not clean nor organized.  i think he just has not experienced the joy that comes from accomplishing a cleaning/organizing goal and that is why he thinks i am wrong. 

ok–gotta run–even though the hooligans are home from school the big one still has a guitar lesson.
blessings to all!


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  1. I often feel like I have to share my space constantly — and being a person who needs time on my own and my own space once in a while that can be really challenging. Honestly even when I go to the bathroom I always seem to have company — usually cats — but oftentimes kids barging in. No matter how I fuss they don't seem to get it yet. If I lock the door they stand outside and wait with pathetic sighs — you would like think I was the worst mom in the world sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ Marie bonkersinbarnhart.com

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