things you should NOT do

OK, I know I already posted today but I left the house since then and I just have to share some of my head shaking observations.

1.  I think dreadlocks are nasty.  I do not understand why you want your hair to look like something my cat hacked up.  I strive to look clean and groomed and dreadlocks do not say “clean, groomed hair” to me.  That said,  if you are white AND blond, you REALLY, REALLY should look into another hairstyle.  I saw TWO people fitting this description today and I just wondered “Why? Why? WHY!?!?”

2.  If you have a need to put up a sign of some sort (business, garage sale, lost pet, whatever)  you really, really need to step waaaay back and look at it before posting it.  I know that font looks really, cute and it is SO representative of your business, and yes, that IS a lovely shade of yellow, but if you are trying to get people to READ your sign–less is more.  A simple font in a dark ink is the way to go.  If I have to look at your sign 6+ times before I can figure out what it says—it does not bode well for your business

3.  Don’t be a rude jerk when you go out in public.  The young lady running the cashier does not make the rules, she doesn’t own the business, and she doesn’t deserve you yelling at her.  When you yell, stomp off, and say “I”M NOT COMING BACK TO THIS STORE”  you look like a giant baby throwing a tantrum.

4.  Don’t talk on your cell phone while you are in the public bathroom.  A.  it is GROSS!  B.  it is very disconcerting to the person in the stall next to you and C.  it is STUPID!  if the person you are talking to was there in person, would you take them in the bathroom with you to continue the conversation?  I don’t think so.  Nothing you have to say is so important that you can’t say “Hey, I need to run to the restroom.  I’ll call you right back”

5.  Don’t give me attitude because YOU forgot to give me credit for bringing in my own grocery bags.  Especially when I wasn’t the one who reminded you of your oversight.  (Thank you Raymond the bag boy for pointing that out to Sassy Pants the cashier)

6. And finally, when you are in public, I would appreciate it if you lowered your voice, curbed the profanity, and thought about whether or not the topic you are discussing is appropriate for public consumption.  I do take my children out with me and would prefer to return home without any new vocabulary or discussion topics. 



3 thoughts on “things you should NOT do

  1. Okay, I LOVE these random thoughts you had!!! I totally agree with the dreadlocks! I find myself just staring at them, wondering, "How could hair ever possibly look like that…DO that???"Also–talking on the phone in the bathroom really BUGS me too! Oh my word, but it's people that are totally oblivious, that have ENTIRE conversations while in the bathroom–for all to hear. Crazy!You're funny! Thanks for the chuckles today!!

  2. I agree with every one of these actually! Especially the whole talking on the phone in the bathroom (what is up with that?! Yuck!) and I find it very frustrating when people act up in public and I'm left to explain to my children why they are being so rude/obnoxious or using that kind of language — sigh.I'm a new follower :-)Marie

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