No, no ANYTHING but that!!!!!

When I first met my husband, in college, no matter what the tempreture, he wore shorts and  no jacket. Yes, I thought he was nuts.  Well, now I have two mini-nuts.  My children would rather lick the floor than wear a jacket. Seriously—and since it is WINTER—we have a struggle every day.
Me “It’s time to go, get your coat on”
Kid  “Do I HAVE to wear a coat?”
Me:  Yes, you have to wear a coat, go get it.
Kid stomps off, huffing and puffing hard enough to blow out the olympic torch.
Kid comes back, wearing a NYLON WINDBREAKER.
Me you can’t wear that, go and get your coat
Kid  WHY? I want to wear this one.
Me  Because it is 29 degrees outside and the wind is blowing like a hurricane.  GO GET YOUR BIG COAT  (this is said through gritted teeeth)
Kid goes to get coat, again stomping, huffing and puffing.  then comes back putting the coat on like it is lined with porcupine spines. 
Kid tugs at coat “I just don’t like the way this feels.  It is bothering me”
This is the point that I pray for self control, because I have had just about enough of the coat discussion.

So we head out to the car.  Now, the big kid gets dropped at the door so I don’t know what he does, but I walk the little one in, and this is what happens.
As soon as we cross the threshold, he strips the coat off and stuffs it in his backpack.  Heaven forbid someone might see him wearing this needle lined, horrific, coat in WINTER!. 

The thing that is good to know is that he does not only fight the coat with me.  The other day I picked him up from school and we had this discussion:
Me  How was school?
Kid  Terrible!  It was hot outside and Mrs. S made all of us wear our jackets at recess and wouldn’t let us take them off!

Wow! I  may need to talk to the principal about this teacher and the torture she is inflicting on my poor child.  I mean reallly, she made him  wear a coat outside in the cold!!

And do you want to know the funny, ironic part of this whole story?  My husband now wears a coat!



2 thoughts on “No, no ANYTHING but that!!!!!

  1. This is funny…but only in a looking back kind of way! I can TOTALLY relate! I have a husband who wears shorts all the time in the winter. (He has a laid back office) In fact, today, when there is snow on the ground–yep, shorts. He is wearing a coat…but with shorts… 🙂 So, my girls are both very resistent to wearing jackets. So many, many times they feel a zip up hoodie is all they need. Ugh! And many times–I just let it go. I guess if they get cold, they'll want a coat next time. Maybe? 🙂

  2. LOL! We moved from Colorado to southern California and my oldest son wore shorts every single day of that first school year, just because he could. Around here, people whip out the scarves and coats and bundle up once the temps hit 55…they thought we were crazy!

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