stuff i like about living in a smallish town

we live in a small city/town.  i don’t know what the correct terminology is, but we are certainly not a large metroplex or urban area.  we have several grocery stores, lots of restaurants–including national chains, and stores like kohls, bed bath and beyond, etc.  but we are not a large populated area.  And while there are some things we miss out on because of our town’s size and location, there are definite benefits to living in an area this size.
1.  this is a pretty good place to raise kids.  the schools my kids attend are fairly new, seem to have lots of technology bells and whistles, and most importantly, have teachers that are skilled and kind.  I am very pleased that several of the the lovely women who have been my children’s teachers past and present are ladies that I now call friends. 
2.  i love that people know us.  i know that often it can be annoying to go out and run into people you know but it can also be nice.  i also like it that people we do business with most often are people we know and who know us like the photographer who takes the kids’ annual pics, the woman who cuts our hair, the swim instructors that work at the pool each summer, etc. 
3.  by and large, ours is a friendly town.  it is everyday practice to strike up a conversation with the grocery cashier, the person waiting in line next to you, or the other mom in the car pool lane.  People driving by smile and wave–even if they don’t know you.  it is more out of place to encounter someone rude than not here.
4. we are a very “churchy” town.  in fact, i heard today that we have more churches per capita than anywhere else and i believe it.  and i think our “churchiness” adds to the friendliness and good will of our city/town
5.  i love the six degrees of seperation aspect of our town.  it is inevitable that just about everybody you know, knows someone else that you know or are related too.  and it never fails to amaze me when I’m on facebook and two of my friends are friends which each other and it is not through a connection that includes me.
6.  i love that i can get from one side of town to the other in about 15 minutes and that “rush hour” means that it takes me about 20 minutes.
7.  i love that the size of our town allows you to give directions based on places that are familiar with.  in a larger town you can’t say “you know the theatre behind target” because there are dozens and dozens of targets–but we only have one. 🙂
8.  i love that once you have lived here for a while you can refer to places by the names they used to be and people know exactly what you are talking about.  like today I was talking with some people about a new restaurant and said it was across from walmart and someone said you mean the place that used to be the philly steak sandwich restaurant?  Yup!
9.  i love that our county fair is still small enough that my kids can enter stuff and still get ribbons.
10.  i love that you can see someone once or twice a year but each time you can count on them for a big hello and assistance.  example: once a year, I talk with a highway patrolman in town to arrange a visit from him with our preschoolers, and every year he is lovely to talk to and work with–and he remembers me each year. 
11.  my husband and i joke about the local paper and news but really i love it–yes sometimes it is quaint and even dorky but it isn’t filled with crimes either and i love that.  i love looking at the wedding announcements and knowing the brides and grooms or their parents, the community page that prints pics sent in by readers and recognizing people we know, and even, sadly, the obits. 
12.  i love how our community rallies around those effected by tragedy and steps up to offer aid in times of crisis. 
13.  i love our annual events from the food drives, to the parades, the fair, etc.  i love the memories it provides for my family
14.  i love how these annual events keep some things the same year after year.  ex: last year I wrote a post about our fair and so many of my local friends got a huge kick out of it because of the things I mentioned that everyone does and eats there. 

I have lived in larger, much larger cities, and at the time I loved them.  And I still love to visit them and enjoy the amenities of a larger city once in a while.  But, to live, I’m quite happy in my “small pond”


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