The best friend request

OK, my request yesterday stirred up alot of conversation and expressions of concern.  I’m not without any friends, and I’m not sitting home crying and lonely every day.  But I don’t have, and haven’t had, a “best” friend for quite a while.  Yes, technically my husband is my best friend–and he is great.  But I miss having that best GIRL friend.  The friend that is there for you through thick and thin.  Your “go to girl” in times of trouble.  You can laugh together, cry together, get a great pedi together or discuss the freaky stuff you watch on TV.  I haven’t had that in a while and I really miss that type of friendship. 
The funny thing is that so many people who responded said ‘I don’t have a best friend either!’  I think a lot of it is because we get so busy as mommies and wives that we lose these friendships.  Plus we run out of time for them!!! But that friendship is soooo important!  and that is what we were talking about at work yesterday.  That it is just so important, and so fun to just have girlfriends to hang out with and talk to and just be yourself. 

On a seperate note—Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!  Mr. G has been out of town ALL week so he said we are going to celebrate as a family on Sunday..  However, I told little E that I would need tons of kisses and hugs in the morning—and that little rat said no since we weren’t celebrating until Sunday! What a stinker!


2 thoughts on “The best friend request

  1. OH, Happy Birthday sweet Tracey! I hope it is a really, really good one! I am so with you on the friend thing… my circle has shrunk significantly since kids and moving to AZ… but, we Rock on… 'cause that's how we roll!I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

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