Mama’s on fire today

You know those days when you are just firing on all cylinders?  And you are just knocking that to do list to the mat?  Today is one of those days.  I got some crafting done.  Cleaned my house.  Stripped all the beds and washed all the linens and towels.  And now I have 30 minutes to update the old blog before I have to pick up the monkeys from school.
So check out what I made this morning…

I have had this frame for MONTHS, maybe even a couple of years

I opened it up–not realizing that the glass was glass–it’s usually plexi in poster frames

So since I broke the glass already, I got the hammer and broke the rest of it out

I laid the frame on the back and traced the inside of the frame onto the backing

Rolled out the cork and trimmed it to fit inside the frame

Then I glued the cork down onto the back.  I glued about 4″ at a time, rubbed it smooth on the other side


All glued down and smoothed out


I added a layer of batting for thickness and smoothness

she was monitoring me closely

 Then I stretched the fabric out and stapled it down on the back side of the backing.

The finished project before and after it was hung on the wall.

Then, since the first project went so well, I got a frame from Evan’s room, it had a JJ Jet Plane pic that he had long outgrown,  removed the plexi, glued down the cork and voila! a cork board for his favorite pics

Now, say a little prayer, we’ve got an 80% chance of snow tomorrow, and the boys and I are really, really, really hoping for a snow day.  My house is already clean and laundry is done so if we get to stay home, I’ve got more craft plans in the works. 


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