Welcome to Texas Ya’ll!!

So yesterday was 70 degrees, sunny and clear.  I had the windows open
Then today…..

It was CRAZY last night!! As I said the weather was great all day, then by 5:00 the temps started dropping.  By 6:00 it was raining and had dropped to 56 degrees.  By 6:30 there was strong winds, thunder, lightening and pouring rain.
By 11:00 the rain had to turned to sleet.  It was still storming with thunder and lightening.  I got up at 12:30 and the ground was covered with snow, the temp had dropped into the 20’s and it was still thundering and lightening.  Very weird with a snow storm.  And then this morning at 5:00 we woke up to this.  I’m guessing there is about 5 inches out there on the ground.

you can get an idea of how deep it is by looking at how far her paws are sinking down

yes, they are crazy.  They started asking to go out as soon as they woke up at 5:15!  I managed to put off the begging until 9:30.

Yeah, they are FREEZING despite 3 layers of clothes.  I think they only stayed out for about 20 minutes before they came in begging for hot chocolate.  It is only 16 degrees out and the wind chill is at 0!

 This is what you see when you open my front door.  I actually opened it to take the first pic up at the top, and then saw this and had to get a pic of it too. I was also really glad it didn’t collapse and all fall inside my entry way when I opened the door.  🙂

So, I broke out the sewing machine this morning.  This is not a skill I use very often, and in fact to call my abilities “skill” is probably an overestimation.  I can sew a simple seam and I know how to follow a pattern but it’s not something I do often or well.  But… Chris has to do a report on Davy Crockett and he needs a costume and props.  Well, Target and Old Navy aren’t carrying coonskin caps anymore—can you believe it?  So I had to come up with one all on my own. 
I got some faux fur at the fabric store and this is what I came up with.  Not bad if I do say so myself–especially considering I didn’t have a pattern and I had to figure it out in my head.

And then, finally, since I had the ol’ sewing machine out, I decided to snaz up a plain white hoodie that I’ve had forever. 
I had bought the cute ribbon months ago, just because it was on sale and I love it (shh, don’t tell Mr. G) and then I found a project for it. 🙂
Blessings to all—-I’m off to find a quilt to crawl under! 

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Texas Ya’ll!!

  1. Insane, huh? Thankfully, it's just rain and wind (no ice or snow) for us. But seriously, it feels like it's 12 degrees outside. Uh, hello I live near Mexico! Love the hat, but definitely love the spruced up hoodie even more!

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