This is what my house looks like on day 2 of trapped inside-idness

 Mr. C’s room—bed making is optional during a Snowpocolypse

 Our family room—yes, that is a tent

 Also the family room, that is the craft table set up there

 Umm, yeah, I have no explanation for the art supplies on the floor in FRONT of the craft table instead of ON the craft table

 It’s exhausting being home with all of us

 They gave up crafts for the Wii

Yeah, that would be their “snow clothes” that they wore for a whole 20 minutes.

And don’t let the bright sunshine in these pic fool you.  Our high today is 16 again and last I hear the wind chill was 5 degrees.


2 thoughts on “SNOWPOCOLYPSE!!!! Day 2

  1. I was watching the craziness on the news this morning! All of your cold weather has even managed to change our temps a little on the West Coast. I went out to give the dog water this morning and the hose was frozen with an icicle hanging out of it!

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