Day 3

So here I sit, wrapped in a blanket, watching reruns of the Real Housewives and Top Chef.  We are on day 3 of Snowpocolypse, we have not left the house since we got home around 5 on Monday.  Those of you who live with multiple males can imagine what my bathrooms were starting to look like.  So this morning, before I even had breakfast, I began my day by scrubbing down my bathrooms and making them look less like restrooms you might find in a gas station in the middle of a desert.  Then, I ran the vacuum, made beds, and dusted.  I started crocheting a scarf, stuck a chicken in the oven to roast, and mixed up a loaf of bread to rise.  Yeah, I’m getting a little bored.  And we already got the notice that there will be no school tomorrow.  Which is good since my entire driveway is an ice version of a super duper slip and slide.  The few friends of mine who have posted on facebook that they have ventured out have said that it is a MESS.  A normally 10 minute trip somwhere is taking over an hour.  So, we are staying home.  The good thing is that we are using up all kinds of stuff in the fridge, freezer and pantry–mainly because we have no other choice! 🙂  It’s a good thing we are supposed to thaw out tomorrow evening/Saturday morning because I am definitely going to need to restock everything after this adventrue. And on day 3, it was inevitable, we finally have blood loss.  The boys were playing tag and some how, Evan banged his nose on his own knee.  He is fine but he sure did bleed!  
And now I’m off to find another project to work on.  🙂  I hope all of you are warm. 


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