The big thaw

After 96 hours of being trapped in  our house, the ice is finally melting! Mr. G and I got out last night to pick up some tacos and sweet tea–I don’t drink so sweet tea is like a margarita! 
Then today we ran a couple of errands, hit the grocery store ($90 restocking cost)  and went to lunch.  There are still big chunks of ice on the road but there is lots of melting and slush too so if you just use your common sense, it is not bad at all. 
Overall, the boys did great together considering that they had been with each other 24/7 since about 3:30 on Monday.  Yesterday, I did have to insitute manual labor as a solution to the bickering.  I had enough so C had to clean baseboards and E had to clean the rungs of the dining room chairs and table.  After they had finished in the dining room I released them with the warning that all future fighting will result in them cleaning.  I expect soon that I will have the cleanest baseboards in town.  However, it did stop the fighting for the rest of the day!
They also got outside in the snow yesterday for about an hour and a half  which helped to take the edge off the cabin fever and helped a lot too.
I have crafted like crazy the last couple of days.  I will post pics soon.  Right now I am struggling with a pinched nerve in my neck and working not to scream every time I move.  🙂
I hope all of you are thawing out and staying warm.


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