Things that make me think "WHY?"

Do you ever see or hear something think “WHY on earth?!”
Here is some of the things that make me wonder..

Why are Qtips made if you aren’t supposed to put them in your ears?  And why does it feel so dang good when you DO put them in your ear?

Why does the phone or doorbell ring as soon as you sit down? 

Why do people want to put those washers in their earlobes and make them huge doughnuts?  Why don’t they think about what that is going to look like when they are old?  (Eewwww…. sorry, sidenote)

Why does it always rain, or you drive through the ONE huge puddle in town, right after you get your car washed? And on the same note, why do your kids ALWAYS spill something or throw up in your car as soon as you get it all clean and vacuumed?

Why does every line move faster then the one you are in?

Why will you run into at least 3 people at the store on the day that you look your worst?

Why will your children act like rabid howler monkeys right after you have mentioned to someone how well behaved they are?

Why do doughnuts taste so dang good if they are bad for you?  (I can actually apply this question to LOTS of foods)

Why do people look crazier/dumber/goofier on TV then people you know in “real” life? And why do these crazy/dumb/goofy people AGREE to go on TV and let people see how crazy/dumb/goofy they are?

Why will you need a whozeewhatzit as soon as you throw or give it away?

Why will no one in your family throw away the pile of stuff on your breakfast bar UNTIL the moment you don’t want them to throw something away? 

Why does your dvr tape an extra 15 minutes on everything EXCEPT the one show you want to watch and that one cuts off 5 minutes early?

Why is it so easy to wake up at 6:00 on Saturday and Sunday but M-F it’s like raising from the dead?

Why is it that you will have NOTHING to do for weeks at a time, but everything you want to do will all be going on the same weekend and time?

Why is it that when you are not looking for anything and/or have no money you find a 100 things you want to buy but when you are searching for something or have birthday money to spend you can’t find anything you like?

And finally, why does Donald Trump think that is a good hairstyle?


P.S.–we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow!  I’ll let you know….


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