What I made during Snowpocolypse

I made this…”coon skin” cap for C’s Davy Crockett presentation at school

I added ribbon to my old white hoodie to jazz it up

I crocheted that hat and a matching scarf and then made those little felt pins similar to ones I saw on Felt so Cute

And then since I was making felt flower pins I also made hair clips for the little girls in my life

I made these, half filled with Nutella and half filled with strawberry preserves

I made this and it was AWESOME!!

I also made taco soup, I colored an awesome Star Wars poster of R2D2 and C3PO with Evan, and I made a fantastic shredded chicken
And among the many, many, many things that I cleaned…I got this cleaned out and organized


                         After… I even put the sheets in a pillowcase as the organizing blogs recommend!

And in between, I blogged, watch reruns of the real houswives, house, and law and order.  I played LOTS of Mah Jong and read two books.  Yeah, it was a looong week!


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