Teacher gifts for Valentine’s Day

Check this out, I think they are kinda cute, if I do say so myself.

 I got plain white hand towels at Target.  I cut two strips of Valentine fabric and sewed them on, layering over each other.  Then I added a strip of pink heart ribbon across the top to hide the top seam.

Then I traced E’s hand and cut out 4 hand prints,  I taped two together and slipped them over a tube of hand lotion.  I wrote “We want to give you a hand for Valentine’s Day” on the cut out.  (Note:  My friend Kendra Kirksey made these cute hand lotion and holders for me two years ago when her son was in my class–I just expanded on her idea.  Thanks Kendra!)

Then I took the hand towel, rolled it up and put it inside a cute gift box and slid the hand lotion into the middle of the towel. 
Whadda think?

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