I think that one actually left some rubber on the road

I’m sure you’ve heard this a 100 times “when we make plans, God laughs”  but how many times do you actually see/experience it in action?  You know, one of those days when you are going about your merry business, thinking about what you have to do, where you have to go, etc. and then life jumps up and smacks you right in the kisser.  Today was one of those days. 
I was at work, in the middle of my second class, going about my business, thinking about what I needed to get done that day, after school, etc. etc.  And then a friend comes in and tells me that there is an urgent call on the phone for me.  My father in law had a heart attack and was in the ER.  Sccrreeeeccchhhh…. hit the brakes, the day just went in a new direction from what was planned. 

That’s him and my mother in law at E’s birthday party last year.  He is a sweet man who has a work ethic that you wouldn’t believe.  He loves his family and is crazy about those wild grandkids even when everyone else in the family is ready to beat them.  He plays a mean game of cards and is wickedly lucky–don’t ever bet against him in poker!  And we all love him very much.  Currently, he is in CCU and the doctors are most concerned, at this time, about getting the fluid out of his lungs.  His heart was only pumping at 20% so fluid backed up into his lungs and caused respritory distress.  Once they get the lungs taken care of he, he will be having bypass surgery, double for sure, possibly triple.  We found out two of the main arteries are completely blocked and have been for some time.  His status right now is critical but stable.  Right now, we just wait and pray.  I’ll post updates when I have them,


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