When life hands you overripe bananas…make muffins…LOTS of muffins

I’ve posted this recipe before but in case you missed it,  you can find it here

If you have read the last couple of posts, you know that the last few days have been a little wild around here.  And when things get crazy, stuff at home starts to slide.  So today, I discovered that the weird smell in the fridge was the package of chicken that I had planned to cook for supper on Thursday night.  And, I had 11 bananas that were making their way quickly to overripe.  So, I made muffins, lots and lots of muffins.  Both with and without chocolate chips.  I packed up a full size foil tray of muffins and caramel apple cookie bars for Mr. G to take up to the hospital as a thank you to the nurses in CCU.  And, I still had 2 dozen left over for the kids to have for snacks and breakfast this week.  Yeah, I baked a lot of muffins! 🙂

I also am still working on the 7 loads of laundry that had been ignored since dad’s heartattack.  And I cleaned house.  And stupidly, I cleaned my kitchen and mopped my floor before I baked—so of course this happened….

Yeah, I made a big mess!  I ended up having to resweep and mop that area of the kitchen. 
Update on my father in law:  last night they removed the balloon cath from his heart.  He had some bleeding afterwards and so now he has an enormous bruise on his leg.  However now that he doesn’t have to remain flat on his back and he can move a little more freely, he can get comfortable and rest a little bit better now.  The cardiologist said that his lungs are looking really good.  He is waiting for a room to become available on the cardiac ward and once that happens (sometimes in the next 24 hours) he will be moved out of CCU.  And, once he gets moved to the cardiac floor, the surgeon will pick up his case and we will find out when the surgery will be scheduled. 

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