Misc Monday

I’m sick—-blech!!! 😦  I have had a sinus infection for a while now (I think since 2010) but went to the dr last week and got meds.  I feel worse today–a week later.  My face and head hurt so bad, and I felt so nauseated,  that I couldn’t even enjoy poking around Target or Michael’s.  So I came home, put a warm compress on my face and fell asleep.  Do you have one of those fabric bags filled with rice or dried corn that you warm in the microwave and put on sore places?  I LOVE mine and use it all the time for migraines or sinus problems. 
I felt better enough (I’m sure that is grammatically correct) when I woke up to get up and eat and do a couple of small things in the house.  The only reason I even left the house today was to get blood drawn for my annual physical. With this infection, my white cells will probably be all out of whack and I’ll have to go get blood drawn again. 
While I was at the hospital waiting my turn, some hospital administrator comes in and expects to cut in line.  Ummm, I really don’t think that is good customer service buddy.  There were 6 people in front of him and we all saw his employee tag when he walked in, I saw his name!  But the young woman who was putting everyone in the computer wouldn’t let him cut in front—hahahaha—so he went down to outpatient services to see if he had any better luck there.  I don’t mind waiting my turn but I think I might have had to call and complain if Mr. Big Britches had gotten his way. 
I had a student draw my blood.  She was making me a little nervous at first because she was having trouble finding a vein, but the supervisor helped her with that and then she did just fine.  She asked me if it was OK if she drew my blood and told me she was a student.  I could have said no, but everyone’s gotta learn some how/some time.

Despite my yuckiness I did find two heart shaped bowls and two boxes of Valentines for E for next year at 90% off at Target.  Yes, I spent a whole $1 for all four things.  Which would have been really great if I had stopped there buuuut, I found a few other things too.  For example, I got these cute little tap lights by energizer that mount under my cabinets for $5 for a pack of 2!!!! And even a sinus infection cannot dampen my enthusiasm for the $1 aisle in Michael’s.  They always have so many cute things–and they are only a DOLLAR!!!  Plus I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon for President’s day so they were only 80 cents!  Can’t beat that with a stick! 🙂

I took E to see Papa in the hospital today.  He was moved out of CCU and on to the cardiac ward early, early this morning so now that he is in a regular room, E can go and see him.  He was very nervous and wouldn’t give Papa a hug because he was afraid he would hurt him, even though we assured him that he wouldn’t hurt Papa.  All those wires and tubes are intimidating to a little guy.  And boy does the cafe at the hospital make a tasty bag of popcorn!  We are still waiting for the surgeon to come by and give us an idea of when the surgery will be.  The cardiologist had orginally said that he expected it to be at the end of this week, but it will depend on the surgeon’s schedule.  Doctors run on their own time.  I will keep you updated. 


One thought on “Misc Monday

  1. Oh Tracey, I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky! You know it's bad when Target doesn't even sound appealing! Glad to hear your father-in-law is doing well! Hoping he's home really, really soon!

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