MaryKay—This one is for YOU!

So, I had another post started for today but I didn’t feel that it was going anywhere so I decided to dump it.  Miss MaryKay over at Mary Kay the Blog (shout out!)  gave me an idea today with her post.  She was talking about going to get her hair done and then feeling under dressed and decidedly unfancy when Miss Black Stillettos walked in and sat down next to her. I know EXACTLY what she means!  When did there become a dress code for life and how did I miss the memo?  Seriously, you go to Target, the grocery store, your kids school, and the women around you are all dressed like they have somewhere important and fancy to go—and the thing is you know darn good and well they are just out running errands like you. 
Well in honor of Miss Mary Kay I have come up with a list of reasons why fancy is NOT a good thing.
1.  It is too much work.  You gotta think about what matches, change out your purse to match your shoes, get up earlier to put yourself all together—way to much effort.
2.  It costs too much money.  To buy all those fancy things, get the fancy hair, do the fancy makeup, you gotta spend a lot of money.  Comfy clothes cost less and feel better.
3.  Fancy is not comfortable. From the under garments to the shoes, nothing about fancy says comfort.
4. Fancy makes you worry.  Am I wrinkled, did I run my hose, what if I break a heel, what if I spill somethign on myself.
5.  Fancy is not wash and wear.  Fancy clothes are hand wash, hang dry, iron, dry clean.  Waaaay too much effort.
6. Fancy squishes your guts.  If you are fancy, you gotta wear Spanx, which means when you lean forward to eat your guts get squished and after you eat, you get heartburn ‘cuz your guts are squished. 
7.  Fancy doesn’t stay put.  Bras needed for fancy move around, hose slide down or twist, Spanx twist, fancy panties give you wedgies.  So, you gotta tug down your bra, fix your wedgie, and untwist your hose or your girdle that is cutting off the circulation at the top of your right thigh—definitely NOT fancy
8. Fancy limits where you can go without people looking at you and thinking “WHY is she wearing THAT here?”  Come on, you know you’ve seen the woman at the amusement park wearing heels.
9.  Fancy takes a lot of time.  You gotta shop, get your hair done, get your make up done, get botox, etc. etc.  That would really cut into my Real Housewives viewing and MahJong playing.
10.  Fancy limits your friends and activities—if you are fancy, regular women probably won’t hang out with you because you make them feel non-fancy.  And most of us regular women are super cool.

Now don’t get me wrong, part of me wishes that I had the fancy chromosome.  I would like to be one of those women who always looks perfectly put together, even when I am dressed casually.  I would like to be able to always look my best, every where I go.  But that is just not me. When I am cleaning house, working in my yard, i don’t wear make up or do my hair.  When I run errands or go to work I am most likely to wear jeans or yoga pants and a tee shirt.  My shoes of choice are flats or tennis shoes—I also have the subcategory of brightly colored Converse.  It makes no sense to me to buy shoes that cost  more than I make in a month.  Or wear clothes that prevent me from getting big hugs from my preschoolers or loading up the dishwasher as soon as I get home. 

Non-fancy women unite!!!! and enjoy the benefits of the non-fancy life! 🙂


2 thoughts on “MaryKay—This one is for YOU!

  1. First of all–THANK YOU for the shout out! This post just makes my day and makes me SMILE!!! I especially like your #6: "Fancy squishes your guts." That's FUNNY–and true!! :-)Well, I guess that makes 2 of us in the non-fancy club!! Anyone else joining us???

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