Spring seems to be sprunging!

it was 80 something degrees this weekend.  Mr. G went out and started the process of cleaning out the garden beds and tilling so that he can get the onions and potatoes in the ground this week. He plants a big garden.  Unfortunately, the garden did not do at all well last summer.  This spring he is going to do some “crop rotation” and extra soil ammendment, so maybe we will get better results.  He is a creature of habit and has planted the same veggies in the same spots for the last few years—I did some research and told him that it is not good for the plants.
Today, I started spring cleaning. Which is really a misnomer for me because it is more like spring organizing and rearranging. I gave the pantry and through clean out and reorganization—it now looks AMAZING!  I also moved around the furniture in the living room.  We had gotten a buffet from craig’s list during the fall but i just was not happy with the place that we had it.  i just felt like it had that “we don’t know where else to put it” feeling about it. So, last night when once again I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep, I began thinking about how I could rearrange the room.  I like it pretty well and the 3 guys all said they like it better.  So, it will stay for a while.
I also swapped spots of the sofa and chair in the family room.  Which led me to the conclusion that I need a different end table in there. I saw some really simple/plain ones in the Target ad today that i may go and check out.  Right now, I have a “telephone table” in there but it looks kind of awkward. 
I also swapped out the “night stands” in our bedrooms.  The one on my side of the bed was just about an inch too wide and it bothered me.  Now I want new drapes.  The ones we have in there, I’ve had for a few years (and truthfully–never been in love with) again, I saw some in the Target add today that might work.  Little E and I will be making a Target run tomorrow afternoon while C is in guitar.
i love the fresh start feeling of this time of year. And my mommy ADHD prevents me from leaving things in one place for too long.  I just have to move around furniture or knick knacks or something.  It makes the room and house feel fresh to me.  LOL, the funny thing is that I am the same way in my classroom.  I just can’t stand the status quo/same old arrangement for too long before I have to move things around. 
So, I am going to post pics, but I am goignn to wait until I get everything finished and in place. I know, I know, it is so hard to wait—-but it keeps you comeing back!
Blessings!!  Have a wonderful week friends!


2 thoughts on “Spring seems to be sprunging!

  1. LOL! Are we related? I moved furniture around in my den yesterday. It drives DH crazy, but I need the change. ;o) Can't wait to see your reveals! PS…I love Spring and Spring Cleaning. It was 75deg here today. I threw open all the windows and just let the sunshine and fresh air into the house.

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