Spring Spruce up pics

I had this little lamp in my guest bath up until a few months ago.  This weekend I moved it to my kitchen counter.  I like the cozy light vs having the overheads on all the time.

Evan picked out these tulips to put in my $1 “live, laugh, love” vases from Target. 

This lamp got moved out of the living room this weekend and onto the corner of the kitchen counter.  I like having lamps in the kitchen.  it is unexpected and it gives you enough light so that the kitchen isn’t a dark cave but isn’t harsh or as bright as the main lights.

I rearranged all the furniture in the living room.  I’ve posted pics of our interior before but if you just can’t remember what it looked like before check out March 2010 and you’ll find a post there from the last time I moved around the furniture. 

I moved the sofa table over to the entry way.  I had to create the hydrangea arrangement in the center.  When the table was in its previous location there was something taller in the middle which no longer worked with the clock above.  The bowl on the left is the first one  I threw on the potters wheel this year—I filled it with chocolate!
We got this buffet off Craig’s list in the fall.  The top is pretty damaged but you can’t tell with the runner on there.  Anyway, I had it in another spot in the living room but it just looked and felt like “well, we don’t know where else to put this so we are just going to stick it here”  Now, it finally feels like it has a place in the room.  it is going to become the home for all my craft supplies—I just haven’t organized them all and put them in the drawers and cabinets yet. Those pics of the boys above are my faves of them—their personality shows right thru in them.
OK–1st ignore the old drapes on the bench and the handle of the vacuum in the foreground.  I put a brown duvet on the comforter to make the room more neutral.  Switched the side table and cabinet to different sides and put up the green drapes. 

Here you can see both windows with the curtains open and closed.  Although, I think the color washes out some.  I have to tell you this is the 4th set of curtains in this room since we moved in almost 6 years ago–i may finally have found some I want to keep for a while.  The first set I had were brown, but I ordered them online and they didn’t look the color I thought they would be. then i got the blue floral ones that I had up in previous pics.  I had those up for a while but never loved them.  Again, I ordered them and the colors were not true to what I saw on the computer (you’d think I’d learn my lesson right?)  Anyway, I kept those up for 3 or 4 years but now I was just tired of them.  Yesterday, I got some cute striped ones—blue, white, ivory, brown, and green.  I loved them!  Got them home, hung them up and they were too short!  my first thought was I could lower the rod.  Mr. G said that he would do that for me tonight.  This morning i was looking at them though and realized that even if I lowered the rod, they would barely come to the window ledge.  Sooooo, I looked at the package and realized that—duh they were only 72″ and I needed 84″.  And, of course, they didn’t come in 84″.  So, I returned those and got these green ones.  My first thought was to get ivory, but now that the green is up I am really liking it and so are all three boys.  And, since Mr. G said nothing about the striped ones last night, but said how much he liked the green tonight, I guess they are staying!  
OK, one more thing.  I mentioned the other day that I was going to pick up one of the simple, square, end tables at Target.  I got one that is “espresso” but I haven’t put it together yet.  Here is the telephone table next to the chair. 

The telephone table is not as wide as the chair so I put the bench behind it to fill in the gap.  I like the little shelf that the lamp is on and the area underneath it is a great place to keep my laptop but the difference in size kind of bugs me.  What do you think?  I’d love some input on this because Mr. G is not much on decorating—he says he doesn’t care.  🙂
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