Wandering Wednesday

In bloggy land “Wandering Wednesday” typically means that there is a blog hop.  That’s not what it means here.  Here it means that my mind is wandering so you are about to get an entry loaded with the random thoughts that run through my head.
1.  I am glad for Jennifer Hudson that she has lost weight and that Weight Watchers has worked for her but I find her commercials VEEERY annoying. 
2.  The RH of Miami have 1, MAYBE 2, more episodes to interest me and then I’m out.  I just watched episode 2 tonight and so far they just annoy me.  I hate their accents, the one that fires all the nannies is a brat and I want to smack her, the party crasher one is an idiot, and psychic mom is SCARY looking. 
3.  However, I am soooooo excited about the RH of Orange County starting this weekend.  It looks to be a drama filled season with those ladies!
4. The difference (one of them) between me and my husband is that he will watch reruns of pretty much anything, any–thing.  If I am going to watch reruns it is only of shows I like anyway—House, Bones, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.
5.  Miss Oreo is very annoying.  She is compelled to stand next to me and meow—loudly–repeatedly—for no apparent reason.  She is lucky that I like her or else I might have to strangle her.
6.  I am finding that commercials in general have become more annoying and more stupid.  Additionally, I think we should have a “do not call list” type option for the bizillion ads for prescription drugs particularly those that are “for that special moment”.  Blech!  And what is with the bathtubs in the middle of nowhere? 
7.  Today my pre-k classes and I were working with playdough.  This is a good activity for them because it stregthens the muscles in the hands which is important for fine motor skills like writing.  Anyway, I taught them how to make roses out of clay.  you should have seen how well some of them did!  One little boy did an amazing, outstanding job–truly—you would not have believed they were made by a 4 year old. 
8.  I’m tired of Charlie Sheen.  he’s nuts people. Quit staring at the train wreck already, it just feeds his need for attention and makes him a bigger nut.  Some one needs to hospitalize him already.  And am I the only person who couldn’t believe he had custody of his kids to begin with?
9.  I am not a fan of March Madness or any sporting even that goes on for weeks at a time causing nothing but reruns to run on all channels, because networks don’t want to go against the ratings juggernaut.  Besides I don’t like sports to begin with and the interference with things I might want to watch just makes me dislike them more.
10.  I read an article in People the other day about Jennifer Anniston.  She said she just ate a salad and it was was so delicious and really such a treat for her.  That made me want to slap her.  A salad–a treat?!  Give me a break.  Salad is fine and good but it aint no treat baby!  Somebody give that woman a piece of chocolate, or a donut, or a warm piece of bread. 
I’m reviewing this post and noticing that i sound a little snarky.  Sorry folks, I’ve got a headache.  And my insomnia has been giving me a run for my money the last couple of weeks.  I’m gonna go to bed and I will try and be in a bed mood for tomorrows post.  🙂
Blessings to all!


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday

  1. Wandering over for a giggle and definitely found one with your post. :o) Hope your headache and insomnia are gone. Would a piece of chocolate help you too? ;o) It always does the trick for me. Well, Skittles, actually. But you get the idea. Happy Thursday! :o)

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