Sky full ‘o dirt

If you do not, or have never lived in a place that has ridiculous wind, then you won’t know about the sky full ‘o dirt. So let me try and explain. Here in Texas, March truly does come in like a lion.  It is wind, wind, and more wind (why do you think everyone wants to build windfarms down here?).  And when I say wind, I do not meant, a nice breeze.  I mean 30 to 40 mph winds all day and night.  This wind can rip off roofs, knock down fences, tear up signs.  It’s awful.  And it fills the sky with dirt.  When you look out the window, you think it is cloudy or overcast.  No, that is dirt–lots of it.  This is also why everyone in Texas has allergies—we are breathing this mess in everyday for at least a month.  Depending if the nino or the nina is out there in the ocean, we can get months of these awful winds.  It makes doing anything outside nearly impossible.  For example, E is supposed to go for soccer skill evaluation this evening. It has been moved inside the gyme instead of outside on the field because of the wind.  I am starting to look into putting a windmill up in the back to provide our electricity!
Equally exciting and annoying–we had a skunk on our back porch last night.  Thankfully it did not spray the dog, but it did get upset and spray the back porch.  And the pungent stench is still detectable inside the house.  I have turned on all three Scentsys and a candle—I’m hoping we will be deordorized by bedtime. 
And, I know I mentioned this yesterday, but Spring Break cannot get here fast enough!  3 more days of school.  Seriously, the boys and I need a break!
I want to cook and craft  and have fun with the kids—I need that week off! šŸ™‚
I hope all is well with you dear readers—and that you don’t have the sky full ‘o dirt in your area.


3 thoughts on “Sky full ‘o dirt

  1. No sky full o'dirt here…thank goodness! I remember the wind just a blowin' when I lived in Kansas. I imagine it's a lot like what you're experiencing. Seriously…I'd consider the wind turbine for electricity. :o) Hurry up Spring Break! (Ours isn't until mid-April) Happy Tuesday! :o)

  2. Yep. One of my good friends if from Borger, Texas and she always hates spring. I like where we are, because the sky is clear. The downside to this is when you drive into Houston you can basically see the dirt/smog in the air. Which is gross. Anyway, there's my diatribe for the day on that. Hope you have a great week, Tracey…dirt or no.

  3. I live in Vegas and we definitely have both. S a matter of fact, i lost a few backyard items due to crazy winds the other night! …and allergies are the worse this time of year!

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