my current obsession

Faux lemons to be exact.
See I have these jars——

This isn’t my pic—I got it from Felt  So Cute  because i don’t have a pic of my jars.  My jars are currently stored up on a shelf in my laundry room.  I have at least a dozen of them that I bought for like $3 a piece when one of our local coffee shops went out of business.  I LOVE them.  But I am struggling with what to do with them.  I’m not sure that I want them on top of my counters—-OK I’m digressing. 
I want to fill one of these jars with lemons, faux lemons to use as a centerpiece.  Buuuut, the lemons are $10 a box at Michaels!!!!!!!!!! $10!?!?!?!?!? That is crazy.  No, luck at the Goodwill.  They are $1 per lemon at the Dollar Store.  So I am still hunting.  Then yesterday, I saw THIS

on Craftomaniac

And now I am doubly obsessed with finding reasonably priced faux lemons because I want to do both projects.  Something about the bright yellow just says happy.  Must find lemons……


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