Spring break, spring break

Well, we got off to a bumpy start. Friday, 4 a.m. Mr. Evan wakes up with 102 fever.  No school for him or I that day.  Friday morning he was OK but not great.  He had some Advil in him so he laid on the sofa watching TV and looking through his I Spy book.  Then he took and 2 1/2 hour nap and it was all downhill from there.  The fever went up and the semi-happy attitude went down.  At 3:30 we headed to the doctor.  He got his nose swabbed for flu—negative. He got his throat swabbed for strep—–negative.  He got his finger pricked and then cut for mono—negative.Meanwhile his temp is up to 104 and we have no idea what he’s got.  So, he got an antibiotic shot is his bottom and a prescription for amoxicillian.  Thankfully, whatever he had was bacterial because the next morning he was feeling much better.  Temp went back up that afternoon and he “napped” for 6 hours and still slept through the night but he is much, much better! 
My neice and nephew are here for the week.  Today we got haircuts for the boys, ice cream from Chick fil a, and then then hit the playground.  They had so much fun running around and shrieking!  Yowza!  The three youngest are all definitely in that stage where they don’t realize how loud they are talking.  🙂
Up later this week we’ve got the zoo, the air castle jumping place, and paint your own pottery.  It is super fun times here!  Pics to come


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