What’s for dinner tonight?

My friend Misty gave me this recipe last year and I forgot all about it until I was going through a bunch of stuff on my computer and found it.  It is so easy and tasty!  Misty has made it twice for potlucks up at school and it is gone in a flash! 
I bought one of those big packages of frozen, skinless, boneless chicken breasts and dumped it in the crockpot. 
This is what it looks like 4 hours later. 

And my house smells deeee-vine right now!  Here’s the recipe:
1.5 lbs chicken breasts (or about 4 good sized ones)

1 18 oz bottle of barbecue sauce

1/2 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup Italian dressing

2 Tbsp worcestershire sauce

Place the chicken in your crockpot. In a bowl mix the BBQ sauce, brown sugar, Italian dressing and Worcestershire sauce together. Pour over chicken and set on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4. Once the chicken is fork tender go ahead and shred it up.
OK:  now my notes:  I use Stubbs BBQ sauce, the original.  I left out the brown sugar and the worcestshire sauce.  I left out the sugar because I like spicy sauce better than sweet so I added lots of pepper and some onion powder instead.  I left out the worcestershire because my father in law is eating with us tonight so I was trying to cutdown on the salt.  And I only had a creamy italian dressing in the house so that is what I used.

Along with the chicken we are having:  asparagus

This is super easy too!  Cut off the tough ends.  These spears are really big so I ended up cutting off about the bottom 1/3 of mine.  Put in a large skillet.  Add about 1/2 cup of water.  Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the top of the aspargus and then toss the lemon halves into the pan.  Sprinkle with salt.  cover with a lid and cook for about 4 minutes.  I like mine to be crisp and not mushy.  If your stems are smaller than mine you may only need a couple of minutes once your water starts to boil.  And since I mentioned salt….
See this sweet little silver scoop?  I love it!  I got two of them at a garage sale and keep this one in my container of kosher salt. 
We are also having scalloped potatoes (went lazy on this one and bought the Betty Crocker boxes) and super yummy 7 grain wheat bread that I get at our local grocery stor bakery.  It is one of our family’s favorites.  And finally, check out the final product of my rainbow cookies!

Aren’t they happy?  They are just so colorful and cute that they make me smile.  Chris helped me make the dough yesterday and then Evan helped me roll them out this morning.  Chris helped me do 6 yesterday so that we could test them out.  Yesterday I did put sticks on them but today I just left them off.  However, I think Evan and I are going to make some for Easter for him to take up to school and he wants to make them on sticks–which will be cute goodies for him to share with his friends.  These were sooooo easy and really you could use any sugar cookie dough recipe or even the premade dough, all you have to do is color it and and chill it long enough that its firm enough for you to roll out into “snakes” and then spiral. 
I hope each of you is having a lovely week.

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