I made my lemon wreath!!!!!

Yup! I hoarded a few Michael’s coupons and then found some boxes for $5 at the Walmart, and I got my lemons! 
Here’s what I did…

This is my wreath form.  I actually got this about a month ago for $3 at Michaels and I knew that I could do something with it eventually.
First I took the large lemons and spaced them around the wreath and glued them down.
Then I started working my way around, filling in with the medium and small lemons.
Once I had it to this point, I started looking for gaps and began filling with with small lemons and leaves.  I didn’t want it to be symmetrical or too matchy, so although I had to work against my pattern seeking tendencies, I think I managed to make it look unpatterned.  It was also about this time that I burned the doololley out of the first knuckle of my middle finger.  And in my frantic scramble to remove the scalding glue from my skin, managed to rip the flesh from the blister that had formed.  Yeah, good times on craft day.
And here it is! All finished and propped up against my fridge.  I LOVE it!  Now I just have to figure out where I am going to hang it.  I’ll post a final pic once I do that.
And while I was burning the flesh off my hand, this is what the boys were doing…
He is painting a wooden dolphin that he picked out at Michaels
He picked out the wooden castle at Michaels about 2 weeks ago but I told him it would be a spring break project. 

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