No recipe, no craft, just me

Hi friends,
I’m home.  And I am so appreciative of all your prayers and good wishes. 
My mother has been in Florida for the past two months.  I wrote a previous post about my grandmother being ill.  She has emphysema and COPD.  Well, she got pneumonia and was hospitalized for weeks.  My mom went down to help take care of her when she got out of the hospital.
My mom was actually getting ready to come home and she started having chest pains last Thursday.  She has had heartattacks in the past and already had 4 stents. She ended up having 2 blockages of 95% and one of 75% that resulted in the placement of 3 more stents.  While the doctors were placing the stents they also found that two of her previous stents had become blocked.  So, today she had two more angioplasty procedures, and the surgeon used balloons to open the blocked stents.  Since last Thursday she has had 5 procedures.  However, she is feeling good and the doctors told her that she has a good chance of being released tomorrow.  We are expecting that she will be able to fly back home to Ft. Worth by the end of the week.
My sister and I traveled to Florida on Thursday and the trip was not without problems.  There was a fuel expolosion at the Miami Airport which resulted in everyone who was flying to Miami being put on other flights going anywhere in Florida.  So many people were getting bumped from flights.  It ended up that we were unable to get on our scheduled flight to Orlando, nor could we get on the next one.  We had to fly to Ft. Walton Beach.  Which we thought was about 4 hours from Orlando but was actually 7 hours.  We drove 7 hours to Orlando to pick up my sister’s luggage, spent the night (since it was after midnight by the time we got there) then drove another 1 1/2 hours to get to our grandparents’ house.  Then the next day, we had to fly back because all the flights back to Texas were oversold and if we didn’t fly back on Saturday we didn’t know when we would be able to get a flight out.  ANNND, to top it off—we paid $5.29 a gallon to fill up the rental car before we returned it. Yes, you read that right–5 dollars and 29 cents a gallon!!!!
Anyway, we got back to Tx about 8:00 Saturday night, we cleaned our parents’ house on Sunday morning so that when my mom gets home she doesn’t have to worry about that.  Then I flew home.  I am very tired!!!
And then I cleaned my house and did my laundry today.  Tired, tired, tired.  But happy to report that my mom is doing well and to be back with my boys. 
Sidenote:  Oreo must have missed me very, very much.  She has followed me everywhere, slept next to me, and sat in my lap since I got home.  Poor kitty–the boys just don’t appreciate her the way that they should. 
Thanks again friends,
Blessings to all,


2 thoughts on “No recipe, no craft, just me

  1. Wow! I can only imagine how exhausted you must be!! Your flying/driving experience sounds absolutely crazy!!! At one point did you and your sister look at each other and say, "Are you kidding me???" 🙂 You are a very good daughter to do all that. I'm sure your mama will feel very blessed and loved when she comes home to a freshly cleaned house. Very glad she's doing well! Now–you go take a nap. You earned it!!

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