Kids—ya gotta love ’em

1:30–Chris “Mom, what’s for dinner?”
2:00–Chris “Mom, have you thought about dinner?”
2:30—Chris “Mom, did you decide what we are going to have for dinner?”
3:00—Chris “Mom, are we just going to eat leftovers for dinner?”
3:30—Chris “Mom, are you still thinking about what we are going to have for dinner?”
This is the point at which I said “Son, if you are hungry just go and get something to eat and quit bugging me about it!”

Earlier this week, I was cleaning out the back of my vehicle.  I went to pull down the hatch on the trunk and corner of it caught me in the upper arm.  It hurt like crazy.  So, the next day, I’m in the bathroom getting dressed and my husband says “you’ve got a big bruise on your arm”  I explain how I got it and that it is really tender.  He says jokingly “Oh, don’t be a baby, it’s just a little bruise.  I’m gonna squeeze it”  Evan says “Dad!  It’s a really bad booboo and if you squeeze mom’s arm I’m gonna kick your $#$!”  Yeah—new vocabulary is credited to a recent episode of Pawn Stars.  We then had a talk about how some words are not nice to say and that they can get little boys in trouble.

When I got back home from Florida, I was tucking Evan into bed. “Mommy, I really missed you when you were gone.  Daddy doesn’t know how to snuggle me up when I’m ready to go to sleep”  (Insert AWWWW here)

Chris “Mom, I have almost enough money saved to buy a new Nintendo 3D.  But before I buy it, I need to save up a little more money so that I have a savings cushion”   (Insert LOL here)



One thought on “Kids—ya gotta love ’em

  1. Andrew is the same way the second he walks in the door from school. I always wonder why the heck he's hungry, and then I see him pull half his lunch out and put it back in the fridge… Evan is such a sweetie! Even if he has expanded his vocabulary, ha!

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