Post #1 for Monday

I’m making my family a little crazy. I have this OCD need to move things around and “make them better”. I also can’t decide if I want my kitchen counters to have as little as possible on them or if I want to have some canisters and stuff on the counters. Well, I’ve done the bare counter thing for a while and yesterday I decided that I have these great glass jars and I should put them on the counters.  Which meant that the few things that I already had on the counters had to be moved around to make everything look “right.”  So, here are the pics.

Ok, this is the far end of our “small bar” it divides the kitchen from the family room.  The small basket on the left has pens, pencils and note pads.  The box in the center is for the receipts that I am supposed to keep for the DAVE RAMSEY plan (yeah, I’m still adjusting to this), and the basket on the right is for mail that needs to be kept—i.e. bills.
This is the itty bitty counter between the fridge and pantry.  I moved the kids snack jars over here.  That’s my cookbooks above.  And all that stuff on the left hanging on the fridge is the ream of paper that I have to keep up with for the kids re: soccer, school, music lessons, etc. 

Between the oven and sink. I love my handleless coffee mugs.  No, I didn’t make these–I actually got these at a silent auction for Empty Bowls last year.

LOOK! Mr. G. hung up my hummingbird stained glass this a.m. before he went to work! He’s such a good guy.  My brother in law made this for me for Christmas.

That’s my mixer in the corner back there.  So, it made sense to place flour and sugar next to it.  I also put my oatmeal mix in a jar there.  (oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts)  This is my daily breakfast so it gets regular use.

Where I had the kids snacks—I moved over my Jim Shore angel of the last supper and a family pic of us at Disney World a few years ago.
Planning to post some pics of the front yard later today.  Gotta run now!  Have a wonderful day!!

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