Have you noticed that men can never sense “THAT”?  Let me give you some examples.
Wife:  Honey, do you smell THAT?
Husband:  I don’t smell anything
W:  What was THAT sound? 
H:  I didn’t hear anything.
W:  Honey, taste this.  Can you taste THAT?
H:  Tastes OK to me

Have you experienced THAT with your husband?  We had a case of THAT today in our house.  It was 95 degrees here today.  So at around noon we had to turn the a/c on.  It had been running for awhile and I told my husband that it still felt hot and I didn’t think the a/c was cooling.  He told me that it was running.  Yes, I knew it was running, I could hear that the fan was blowing, but the air was not cold.  He said it was just because I was up doing stuff and that’s why it seemed hot to me.  3 hours later, it was still running and the temp in the house had gone up.  Hmmm…….guess I’ll be calling the a/c tech out tomorrow.  And, no, I did not say “I told you so.”   Even though I thought it at least a dozen times!! 🙂

I’ll post some pics tomorrow!


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