Yeah, I’m a big liar

So, I promised 2 posts yesterday and I only put up one.  LIAR!! LIAR!! PANTS ON FIRE!! 
The truth is, I really didn’t accomplish anything I SHOULD have done yesterday.  But I did do a lot of things that I WANTED to do. 
cleaned house
finished the laundry
taken pics for the blog

got a pedi
went to Hobby Lobby
had lunch with friends
went to Target

So today,since I didn’t do any of those “should haves” I had to come home and clean house and do the laundry.  And since I had only a couple of hours to get this done I still haven’t taken the other pics for the blog. Sorry—please don’t leave me!  I have really cute coral colored toes now—and the leg and foot massage was AHH—MAY–ZING!!!!!  Oh, sorry, that probably really didn’t make things better did it?  You know, since you didn’t get the pedi and all. 

I am working on a wreath for the front door.  But I’ve hit a creative road block, so I don’t have a finished product yet.
I am also making my own felted dryer balls.  I have seen these on other blogs and in catalogs, but I am too cheap to buy them.  So, I looked up directions on how to make my own, annnd got my wool on clearance!  They are also in the process of being a finished product, sooo no pics of those yet either.
And, the wind is insane here again, soooo no pics of outside. 
I KNOW!!! I suck as a blogger this week!!! I admire those women who have pics for every post. As soon as I have some finished products I am going to bombard you with pics.  Until then, please be patient and stick with me.  Love ya!


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