Thursday thoughts and prayer requests

I think I need to quit pre-planning what I am going to blog about because every time I do I end up going in a different direction. 
I don’t know why but it is in my heart and mind that I need to use this platform for some prayer requests. 
If you have one you would like to share, please either add on to the comments section or shoot me an e-mail at and I will add it on
Unless you specifically tell me it is OK to share your name or loved one’s name, I won’t and I will do my very best to keep it anonymous while providing enough info that people know how to pray for you.

Please pray for

K and her son M.  He is having some surgery tomorrow and even though it is “routine” we all know that when it is your baby there is nothing routine about it.

M and her son.  Her son is going through a difficult time and is having to make some decisions regarding the path his life will take. 

W and her daughter J.  J is only 2 and has leukemia.  She is finishing her last round of chemo and her family is hoping for remission.

R and her daughter E who have been struggling with social issues at E’s school.

A mom who has suffered numerous miscarriages and is in the midst of a pregnancy, hoping for a healthy baby boy.

K and her grandma who had colon surgery this week. 

All the parents who are struggling to do the very best for their kids, in all areas.

Finally, I have a prayer request.  (Family and friends, please forgive if I have not yet talked to you and this is the first you hear of this).  I have been having some bleeding issues since last July.  I have had 3 inconclusive pap smears since July, my 4th was today.  The test is not showing cancer, it’s not showing anything because of the interferance of the blood in the sample.  My doctor and I are crossing our fingers that today’s test will be readable and show a healthy result.  But, she is recommending that I have some minor surgery.  She is recommending uterine ablation and cervical cauterization.  They are outpatient procedures, done in her office. These two procedures should resolve my issues.  I would appreciate prayers for a successful/positive end to this situation.  šŸ™‚  I’ve got plenty of other things to occupy my mind and would like to take this one off the list. 

Thank you friends!
Blessings to all,


4 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts and prayer requests

  1. Tracey–I'm praying for you, too!!! I can't imagine how this has been weighing on your brain and heart all these months. I pray it will all be "fixed" soon! :-)I will also pray for your friends' requests. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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