The fruits of my labors

So, I’m home today with Chris.  He hasn’t been feeling well for the past couple of days and today he felt really crummy.  It is really a lousy thing for him because he has had perfect attendance all year.  He was disappointed that he didn’t go to school but he said he just didn’t feel well enough to make it today.  I’m afraid he may have tonsilitis or strep. So, since I was home today I decided to do some much, much needed cleaning of my house.  We were verging on disgusting here, especially the bathrooms, which those of you with boys know exactly what I mean.  Anyway, 8 hours later here are some pics of what I accomplished today.

This is on the center of my dining room table.  I made the bowl holding the M & M’s.  I just love the calla lilies on the front.

I switched his bed around again.  And I moved the bench from my room into his. 

The plan is for me to make a cover for the bench and make it kind of a sofa for him to lay on to read books or watch a movie

Mr. G. got this printers tray a while back at an estate sale.  I loved it but wasn’t sure what to do with it. 

He had the idea of displaying his and Evan’s collection of Lego mini-figs in it.  So today I hung it up in his office and Chris placed all the mini-figs in it for me.

I also flipped the desk back around and gave everything a good dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Boy, did this room need it!

And look what I did to my bedroom!  I had gotten this idea from another blog and was determined to somehow make it work in our room.  I LOVE it!!!  I’m planning to recover the chairs, but that is definitely a summer project.

I flipped our bed back around to the other wall and then took chairs that we had gotten from an estate sale last year and moved them into our room to make a sitting area. 
And I flipped the mirror on my dresser up long ways and added the frames between the dresser and the window.  I love the mirror this way. I don’t know why I didn’t have it this way before. 
So that’s what I did today.  What are you up to?

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