Chocolate chip cookies

so I mentioned in the post I put up earlier that both boys were home sick today  which means that I have been in my house for two days straight  Yesterday was great because I did so much cleaning and organizing that had been eating at me  Today however I didn’t have any projects nagging at me  I went through all my magazines, I made chickeny goodness for supper (SHOUT OUT to my bloggy friend MarytheKay for this AWESOMELY yummy recipe.)
Well, by afternoon we had all had enough of each other so I had the brilliant idea that we could color eggs.  Great idea right?  Except for one little thing—I forgot to buy the dye kits when I was at the store the other day.  So, I had to come up with an alternative plan and fast.  And that plan was—–chocolate chip cookies.  I’ve posted this recipe before and it truly is the best chocolate chip cookie I have eaten.  There are a lot of steps and ingredients in this recipe.  And, yes, you are going to be tempted to skip some of them (like running the oatmeal thru your blender or food processor before adding to the dough) but don’t give in to this urge.  Follow the recipe exactly and you will have a wonderful result.  I promise.  If they don’t turn out as yummy as I’ve said, mail your cookies to me, I will taste them and tell you what you did wrong.  🙂

And I didn’t post Prayer Request Thursday yesterday because I got so excited about the massive spring cleaning project I completed yesterday.  So, I’ve got a few prayer requests.  If you have any of your own please post in the comments

My friend MarytheKay (of the yummy chicken) has a friend whose father has passed away.  The funeral is tomorrow. 
Another bloggy friend, the lovely Kate from Songs Kate Sings, is in the midst of moving to her new home and her husband has just lost his job. 
Christie, over at A Bushel and a Peck, needs prayers for her family, particularly her son Quint as he begins a new program at school to develop his speech.
There a many, many communities and people in Texas being affected by wildfires right now.  The last estimate that I heard was 100,000 acres have burned.  One firefighter lost his life today.
TC is having a very difficult time right now struggling with problems in marriage and with children. 
W and her daughter JJ are still at the hospital completing JJ’s final round of chemo.  JJ (who is 2) started bleeding earlier this week due to low platlets and had to have 2 transfusions.  W reported that 2 children in the ward lost their fight this week. 
J, and R are both pregnant and have suffered multiple miscarriages in the past.  Prayers for peace of mind and successful, healthy pregnancies are coveted. 

Each of these wonderful, lovely women have expressed deep faith and that they are currently leaning on God for their concerns and needs.  I know that they deeply appreciate any and all prayers. The depth of their faith is inspiring to me in their times of struggle. 

Blessings to all of you this weekend my friends!


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