It’s Saturday!!

How are you today my friends?  I’m sure you are itching to know what we are doing.
We began the day with some errands and grocery shopping.  If you have been watching the news, or if you live in Texas, you have probably heard about the wild fires here. The fires are horrible.  One firefighter lost his life yesterday.  And a VFD lost a truck when the fire jumped a creek and engulfed the truck.  This morning the air here, the closest fires are probably 75 miles away, was filled with the smell of the smoke.  You can see the haze in the sky. It is sad and scary when you see the video and hear  the stories on the news.  Prayers for rain are much coveted and appreciated.  100,000 acres have burned so far.
Mr. G is working on the garden.  We are planning to work in earnest tomorrow, and on the mess that is currently the flower beds in our back yard.  While he was working away, I painted a shelf I had gotten for $5 at an auction last summer.  It was nothing fancy and in fact when I bought it, it looked pretty beat up.  But my father in law sanded it for me and put on a coat of primer.  So today I started painting.  I got it for Evan’s room and had plannd to paint it eggshell and rough it up to match his dresser and bed.  However, the little man really wanted red.  And I figured I only paid $5 bucks for the thing, it would make him happy, so what the heck.  I’ve got two coats on it so far and it is on the back porch drying and airing out the stinking paint smell.  I’ll finish it up tomorrow and post pics. 
At the same auction, I got a Lane cedar chest for $70.  It was in AWFUL shape.  My father in law sanded it down too and restained/varnished it for me. It is lovely.  I’ll post pics of it tomorrow too once we get it moved in to the house.
So, I found online the directions for dying eggs with food coloring.  Guess what the kids are going to do tomorrow? They are so excited about it, and since I need to make 2 doz deviled eggs for Easter, we are killing two birds with one stone. 
My friend Misty made an ice cream cake this week for our friend Kendra’s birthday.  It was so yummy and she told me how to do it so I have to give it a shot.  I am planning to make it tomorrow and pop it in the freezer.  She used a funfetti cake and birthday cake ice cream—yum!  I’ll post directions and pics tomorrow when I get it done. 
Tonight we are having family movie night–chinese food and Harry Potter.  Evan is totally bored by it so he is playing “Brain Pop”  If you have an iphone or ipad I highly recommend this app.  They show a different little video each day and then ask kids questions about what they learned. The topics can be on anything.  the other day it was about cats, then credit cards, Abe Lincoln was yesterday and today was recycling.
So now that I have babbled on about nothing and bored you with the goings on of our family, I’m off to pay attention to our movie.


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