Let’s dye some eggs

I see a lot of deviled eggs in my future….

I bought each of them a kit so each had their own set of dye cups
He went with double and triple dips to get multi and tie dye colors
He went the traditional route with an extra long soak to get vibrant colors

I used these to get started on my ice cream cake.  I made the cake according to box instructions.  Cooled for 10 minutes in the pans then removed from pans to cool the rest of the way.  I left the ice cream sitting on the counter the whole time I mixed, baked and cooled the cakes.  Once the cake was cooled I tore off two sheets of press and seal and put them crosswise in my spring form pan.  Then I took a piece of wax paper across the pan and pressed down.  Then I put one layer of the cake on top of the wax paper.  I ran a ring of frosting around the edge of the cake in the pan to form a wall to hold the ice cream in.  I just put a little bit of vanilla icing in a ziploc, snipped off the end and then squeezed around the perimeter of the layer.  Then I dumped the entire half gallon of ice cream into a large bowl and mixed it up a little so that the big chunks of ice cream were broken up BUUUUT don’t mix it too much or you will have a milk shake.  You want it to still be creamy and thick.  Glop it on the cake inside the frosting circle.  Fill in the entire circle.  Pop the other layer on top.  Place another sheet of wax paper on top then start pulling up the sides of your plastic wrap to seal.  Pull tight.  You want the the wax paper and plastic wrap to be good and tight around the cake, then stick it in the freezer.  And that is all I’ve got for now.  I got up to that step and stopped.  You need to let your ice cream to refreeze and firm up really well before you begin to ice the cake.  I will post pics and more instructions when I finish it later this week. 



One thought on “Let’s dye some eggs

  1. I think I'm finally brave enough to let the boys dye eggs this year. We'll see. I'm having to learn to be less anal about things because I'm depriving my children! Can't wait to see the cake!

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