Other people are stealing my pleasure out of shopping

My two favorite parts of Target are the clearance areas and the dollar aisle.  And yet, I have not enjoyed the dollar aisle on my last few trips due to other shoppers.  Yes, Target could and should make the aisle in this area wider.  But, until that happens, it is just plain rude to plant yourself and your basket in the middle of the aisle thereby preventing others from exploring the $1 joys.  And it is not like you don’t know that you are blocking the way so don’t even pretend.  In the words of Eliza Dolittle “Move yer bloomin’ arse!!!!”
Another store which causes similar problems is the Dollar Tree.  I made a visit today to get (a) an Easter bucket for Evan’s kindergarten egg hunt and (b) treat bags for Easter treats for Evan’s kindergarten class.  Yes, I probably have half a dozen Easter egg hunt buckets somewhere but the $1 cost of a new one is not worth the aggravation of my trying to find/remember where in the house I put them last Easter.  So, anyway, Evan and I head to the dollar tree for these two little things.  Upon entering the store we immediately encounter a woman with a baby.  She is blocking the aisle with the Easter buckets. There is no way that she doesn’t see us and there is NO WAY she can’t hear what we are looking for since my little darling is talking a mile a minute at football field volume.  Does she move, say excuse me, acknowledge she is in our way—nope.  No problem, we move on to the next aisle to look at another stack of buckets.  Dang if she doesn’t come around the corner and just about plow into us.  Excuse me, acknowledgement?  Nope.  Now, I’m a mite irritated, but we move on down the next aisle.  We find the bucket and bags we need and head to check out and guess who just about runs us over with her cart.  SERIOUSLY?  Again, without apology or acknowledgement.  Now, since I am trying to remember that I don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives and because I don’t want the headline in tomorrow’s paper to be “Preschool teacher starts brawl at the dollar store” I bite back the numerous words that come to mind, say loundly to Evan “Watch out honey!  You don’t want to bump into somone.  You have to watch where you are going” and then left the store.  However, once again, my $1 happiness has been diminished by the rudeness of others.  Sigh, if only all people understood the proper $1 store/$1 aisle etiquette the world would be a happier place. 



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