YES! I WAS at Target again today!

Don’t judge me.  I know without a doubt each of you has had back to back Target trips, or Walmart or whatever is your store of choice.  You’re not judging me are you?
I have a good reason.  And I didn’t even tour the $1 aisle or the clearance racks. 
See, Evan needed socks.  Apparently, his feet have grown 6 inches since Christmas so the socks I bought him then now do not fit.  This was a BIG tragedy this morning in our house resulting in wailing and gnashing of teeth. (And that was just Daddy’s reaction)  So, I promised him that right after school I would take him to Target and buy him new socks.  And, of course, I couldn’t buy JUST the socks.  Because if I bought JUST the socks that would be doing what I intended to do when I entered the store.  And buying only what I intended to buy defeats the whole purpose of Target.  So, we also had to cruise through the food area and pick up a bag of popcorn and an Icee. 
So, here the two of us are, standing in line to pay for E’s socks and the lady checking out is paying $414.97 for her purchases.  No, she was not buying a TV.  All she had were the standard white plastic Target bags, so what the heck was she buying.  Now maybe it is my penchant for the clearance and $1 areas of the store, I really cannot imagine what she bought that cost $414 since I didn’t see any major purchases in her cart. This has captured my thoughts so completely that I am now blogging about it. Hmm..
Then, I had to take my children for a haircut.  Now, let me explain to you that both my children act like getting a haircut or their nails clipped is the equivalent of medieval torture.  I am 41 years old and have had my hair and nails cut innumerable times and yet I have never screamed, cried or writhed in pain the way my children do.  What the heck is wrong with these kids?  It ended up that Chris got his haircut (and it looks awesome BTW) and Evan did not.  The reason Evan did not is worthy of its own post—let’s not go there right now.  Suffice it to say, he made a baaaaad choice.
So, to sum up. Evan’s got new socks, Chris got a haircut, and I still really want to know what that lady bought at Target. 
Blessings to all!


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