The Evan Chronicles

I promised you yesterday the story of why Evan did not get his haircut. Let me give you some background first. This is Evan

He is, without a doubt and has been since birth, the sweetest, snuggliest, loviest boy ever. He is also strong willed, stubborn, and has a lightening quick temper. When he has decided that something is or is not going to happen, you can bet he is going to do anything and everything to get his way. (Hmm, I wonder where he gets this from) This part of his little personality results in many, many go ’rounds between him, his daddy and I. It also results in my little darling making bad choices and reaping the ugly consequences.

So today, I pick the howler monkeys up from school and we head out to get them both haircuts. We stop at Sport Clips and it is going to be over an hour wait. Sorry, that is just not going to happen. We are not going to Cool Cuts (where Evan wants to go because he can play video games) because they have raised their prices and I refuse to pay $20 EACH for my kids’ haircuts. So, we head to the barbershop. Now, Christopher knows enough not to mess with me on this. He’s getting his haircut so he just needs to suck it up and get it done. Which he does. The other one though balks. No, he is not getting in that chair. Then the tears start. After about 2 minutes of trying to reason with my crazy 5 year old I pull out the big guns—I will give you 2 quarters for the gumball machine if you stop crying and get the haircut. No go. A popsicle. Nope. Ok, we are headed to the car for a “come to Jesus” This is the point that the little maniac gets it in his head that he is going to run off from me. Apparently, when he heard “You had better get over here to this car RIGHT NOW” he realized the error of his ways because he turned around. He climbs in the car, and by this time he is really crying, and tells me that he is NOT getting his hair cut here because SHE does not know how to do his hair and will do it wrong. I tell him that he is NOT going to Cool Cuts so he can either get his hair cut here or lose all his video game priveleges for the next week. OK, so we go back in and then he balks again. I attempt to pick him up and put him in the chair and the little crazy person arches his back and tells me that he “doesn’t care WHAT I do to him” he ISN”T getting his hair cut. okay fine buddy. so we sit down and wait for Chris to finish. By this time I am so embarassed and angry with this child it is a good thing that we are in public or else i might well have lost MY mind and beat him into submission. As we are waiting, he is still crying. “I love you mom” and hugs are coming every 2 minutes or so but I am not caving. He gets the haircut or no video games. Chris gets done. “OK, last chance Evan are you getting your haircut or not?” No. Okay, I’m done talking. As I am paying, getting in the car, and driving home, he is alternately crying and trying to negotiate a new deal. Umm, no. So, he has spent the last 2 hours circling the house telling us how bored he is—too bad buddy—and now watching a movie. I have a feeling he might want to get a haircut in the next day or two. I’ll keep you posted.



3 thoughts on “The Evan Chronicles

  1. Way to go, Mom! Stick to your guns. Girl…my kids have pulled that on me. I feel for ya, and I'm with you in spirit. Praying E's little shaggy-do and no video games makes him give in quickly. ;o) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Good job, mama! Seriously, I'm so terrible about sticking to something. With four, I usually don't even feel like dealing with the extra drama so I just take the "okay, whatever" attitude. Clearly, I'm raising heathens. So, kudos to you! Hoping he gets sick of the grounding and shaggy hair!

  3. Oh, I have been RIGHT there. And nothing drains the energy from me and makes me DOG TIRED more than a showdown.Good for you for sticking to your guns!! I just keep reminding myself, when my youngest shows her STRONG WILL…that (hopefully!) as a teenager, that strong will can help her stand firm in her convictions, and resist peer pressure.

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