Show me the EGGS!!

Ready to gather some eggs

just waiting for the whistle to blow–see the little girl’s pony tail?  the girl next to E–that is from the WIND!

The quarry

looking for some eggs

All done

Look!  I got my dozen

This is like Where’s Waldo–can you see E?

How about here?
It was wild and crazy! About 200 kids.  A dozen eggs each and then to the playground.  The winds were 30 mph SUSTAINED and 40 to 50 mph gusts.  After about an hour on the playground, I convinced E to leave.  I hear that I made a great choice.  We left before the heat of the day and the humidity kicked in to make it all miserable.  He was ready to go once he realized that the plan for the rest of the day was just more playground time.  After that, he was done and ready to go.  🙂  That’s my kid!

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