Hoppin’ Hail Stones—take cover folks!!!

check out that splash!  This was when the baseball sized hail was hitting

yes, folks, my yard is carpeted in hail stones

it looks like it is pouring rain right?  Nope, pouring hail

As close as I could get without getting battered

When it finally switched to just rain, mr. g scooped up some egg sized ones for a pic
But, before all that happened, we had a lovely Easter lunch and the kids hunted eggs
Isn’t this darling?  Mr. G’s cousin made it and I thought it was precious

His aunt and cousins made these too

This is my ice cream cake.  it doesn’t look near as cute as the one I saw on the magazine.  It tasted super yummy but the presentation was not what I hoped for

egg hunter

found ’em all!

5 thoughts on “Hoppin’ Hail Stones—take cover folks!!!

  1. I'm sorry for the bad weather, but honestly at this point, we're bakin' like a toasted cheeser down here. I'd literally KILL for the rain y'all have been getting. I think the cake is cute. And really, who cares what it looks like if it tastes good!

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