Ummm, It’s still April

And yet the month of May is already looking pretty full!  Check it out…

This is just the stuff that I know about right now.  And, as I was getting this pic uploaded, I realized I left two more things off the calendar.  Are your Mays like this?  Ours usually are between my school stuff and the boys’ school stuff, and E’s birthday things fill up fast.  It often starts to feel a little crazy and wild.  But the reward at the end of the tunnel is SUMMER!!!! WooHooo!!!!
I told the boys this afternoon that in the next couple of weeks we needed to figure out what we wanted to do this summer.  Last summer we made a poster with a list of everything we wanted to do this summer and then as we accomplished them we crossed them off our list.  Everybody in the family could contribute ideas. 
This is a change of subject but it is something that I was thinking about today.
People/things that I am sick of hearing about:
1.  Charlie Sheen
2.  Lindsey Lohan
3.  Lady Gaga
4.  Obama’s birth certificate
5.  The Kardashians
6. The Aflac duck
7.  The Royal Wedding
8.  Will Smith’s kids
I have no personal vendetta against any of these.  They are just over exposed and I will be very happy to see each of them fade from the daily news. 
What are your summer plans?  And who/what are you sick of hearing about?
Oh!!! Did you watch The Voice last night?  I think it may be a new fave show.  And I have a new crush on Adam Levine—CUTIE!!!

One thought on “Ummm, It’s still April

  1. I agree with everything except the royal wedding. LOL. I'm loving all of the hoopla. =0)And you are out of school this month? I'm jealous! We go until June 23rd…sigh.

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