Well THAT was exciting

Thursday I woke up sick.  My tummy was turning against me.  (I’m going to try to minimize the graphic/gross details) However, this was a bad virus/bacteria.  Mr. G had left town that morning on a business trip.  The boys were at school.  And I was expelling blood out of both ends.  Scared me to death!  Once I got enough energy gathered, and felt that for the moment,  I wouldn’t need to run to the bathroom for a bit, I drove myself to the ER.  I called Mr.G, who was already in Austin but turned around to head back home, and my parent in-laws.  My m.i.l. stayed with me in the exam room for 4 hours.  The doctor knew I was having abdominal/intestinal bleeding but didn’t know where the blood was coming from or why.  So, I was being admitted to the hospital.  They gave me Compazine to stop the vomiting.  Protonics to stop the upper abdominal pain.  Saline to replenish the lost fluids. Antibiotics to help with whatever was making me sick.  I got “scoped” and the doctor found that my intestinal track was infected/inflamed.  And because it was already in bad shape, when I started vomiting and “expelling” blood vessels began to break and that caused the bleeding. 
It was pretty scary but after about 36 hours in the hospital, and COUNTLESS needle sticks, I got to go home.  My tummy still doesn’t feel completely normal, and I’ve been told it may actually take weeks because my “innards” need to recover and heal. 
But the craziest part is probably that as I felt completely, totally awful, I’m laying in the ER second guessing my decision to go to the hospital.  What is THAT?  If it were my kids or my husband I would probably have called an ambulance.  But when it is me, I’m thinking, “did I really need to come in?  it’s probably nothing.  I probably just wasted a lot of time and money”  Isn’t that nuts?  I think it is something in the “mom” gene. 
Anyway, I am home and feeling better and will be back to regular blogging soon.


4 thoughts on “Well THAT was exciting

  1. Oh sweetie…I am so behind and just now read this. You poor thing!!! I am so sorry…that is SCARY! Why is it that we always 2nd guess ourselves…but you did the right thing!!! Hope you are feeling better…praying for you!

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