Life goes on

Whether you are sick or not, whether your family is sick or not, life goes on and time keeps on movin’. So even though I am still not feeling great, this week is teacher appreciation and Sunday is Mother’s Day.  So, I had to get to makin’.  I had searched the web and other blogs for ideas and inspiration.  I decided on homemade sugar hand scrubs.  Each is super easy to make, smells delicious!!! and make your hands feel fabulous!! The original idea came from here

The first step is to decide what vessel you are going to put your scrub into when finished.  I got some super cute 4 oz and 8 oz mason jars at WalMart.  Then measure how much sugar your jar will hold, multiply that by the number of jars you want to fill.  Put that amount of sugar into a large bowl.  Ex:  if you are making one 8oz jar put slightly less than a cup of sugar into your bowl. 

Then decide what kind of scrub you want to make.  The lemon scrub is great for your kitchen or garage to scurb your hands after working in your flower beds, painting or crafting.  To make this one you need 1 or 2 fresh lemons and some oil. I made 4 eight oz jars of the lemon.  So I had about 3 1/2 C of sugar, the juice and zest of two fresh lemons, and about 1 1/2 C of canola oil.  I also added 2 drops of yellow food coloring.  Mix together well.  The final product should look creamy–mine actually looked creamier than the sugar scrubs you can buy.  Then, use a spoon and fill your jars. 

I also made a vanilla cream scrub and a lavender scrub.  Measure your sugar the same way and add enough body wash to make it creamy.  I used Ulta Vanilla Cupcake.  I also added two drops of pink food coloring.  For the lavender, I used a delicious smelling lavendar body wash Mr. G got for me as a gift and added a couple of drops of purple food coloring. 

BTW, I washed my hands with this stuff as I cleaned up my bowl and spoon—OMG it smelled sooooo good and my felt so super soft! 
Now, I need to break out the Cricket and cut some cute tags, add ribbon and some flowers and VOILA!!!
A darling, hand made, hand helping gift for teachers and moms!


4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Oh, those are SO adorable!!! I sure wish you were my neighbor…and then I could sweet talk you into making some for our teachers. đŸ™‚ Actually, thanks for the great instructions–I'd like to try it out sometime! But, first, I need to go to the grocery. These people here think they want to EAT this week. Ha!

  2. You have the best ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week. I normally send in gift certificates, but I think I'll make something this week.

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