More teacher appreciation ideas

If you are bored with these or teacher appreciated out then just skip this one and I will get back to other topics tomorrow.  🙂
1st idea:  get a set of measuring cups, measuring spoons, and/or a ruler.  Make a little note that says “Mrs. So and So, You really measure up!”
2nd idea:  get a couple of purse size tissue packets.  Make a little note that says “Achoo–se you as my favorite teacher!”
3rd idea:  This one is my favorite!!

In case it is hard to read it says:
Dear Mrs. ____
God has really blessed me this year by placing me in your class.  I have become [EXTRA gum pack] special because of you.  I really [Skor bar]ed having you as my teacher.  Thank you for making school [Mounds bar] of fun.  I feel like such a [package of Smarties].  I know some days are real [package of Whoppers] but no matter what you treat us [pack of Sweet tarts].  You deserve [100 Grand bar], lots of hugs, and [Hershey kisses].  [Take 5 bar] and enjoy something sweet.  You’re the best!!!
I LOVE it!!! Trust me, I’m a teacher, she will think it is darling!!! 🙂  Especially w hen you’re little cutie writes a little “I love you” at the bottom.  :)

3 thoughts on “More teacher appreciation ideas

  1. Very cute! I'm stopping by from Wandering Wednesday blog hop. Love your blog and can't want to browse around. The body scrubs you listed below sound great – I may have to try that sometime.

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