Oh yeah…I forgot… I’m 41!

By and large, most days, I don’t give a thought to how old I am.  I mean, it’s just not a big part of my day to go around announcing my age to people.  I am aware that I am a mom and I have body parts that are saggy, jiggly, and (according to a certain 5 year old) flappy.  I do know what Spanx are and frequently make use of their abilities.  I am not vegan or all organic and a balanced meal to me is one that ends with dessert.  Having said all that, I don’t FEEL 41, until I spend all day doing something like, cleaning my back porch, flower beds and swimming with my kids.  On those days, I wake up at 2 in the morning and rummage around the bathroom looking for Aleve or Advil.  And then I wake up in the morning feeling like some has tried to pull my limbs off. I also feel like my flappy skin is the only thing keeping my bones together.  Yup, on days like that I feel every second of 41 years old. 

Did you have a good Mother’s Day?  I had a lovely day.  The boys helped me work on prepping our back yard for summer.  We cleaned out the flower beds and trimmed the rose bushes.  We cleaned the back porch and we had the first swim of the year.  Mr. G made supper which was yummy.  I got Reebok  ZigZags–black and hot pink, thank you!  And the boys each made me some cute drawings and cards.  But the best thing of all—the boys got along all day!!! WooHoo—now THAT is a gift!!

I hope your day was lovely too.  Look out for some recipes, hoping to post later today. 


2 thoughts on “Oh yeah…I forgot… I’m 41!

  1. Now where are the pictures of the new Zigzags and the pretty yard and rose bushes? :-)That sounds like a WONDERFUL day!! I hear you on the feeling 41 thing…'cause I am 41,you know! I am heading to do some manual labor tomorrow, so I will be empathizing with you!Speaking of rose bushes…are you an expert? I have 2-year-old ones that I need to trim sometime soon. I have one that is really hanging over my front walk suddenly. However, they are in full bloom right now. Should I wait to trim?

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